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Meet Anna Gimpel

I am a York County native and have been a Realtor since 2007. I love my clients and I strive to give them more than great service, I treat them like family. My dad is a builder and I have been around construction and real estate all my life so my attention to detail and quality is one of the things that sets me a part from others in the industry. I enjoy helping people reach their goals and that passion is a major contributor to my success.

Our Process

Whether you are buying or a selling a home, our process is the same. A quick and easy closing is our goal by speaking with you, conducting the research, and ensuring a smooth transaction. 

Host Greeting Guests

1. Consultation

Sit down with us to discuss everything you need to buy or sell your home.

Housing Development

2. Research & Listing

Using our market expertise, we will find the best home for you, or the best price if you are selling your home.

3. Contract

  1. Buying or selling your home is a huge deal. We know how to negotiate and cover all the steps.

Contract Signature

4. Closing

Once under contract, we will make sure the transaction is completed and done right!

Done Deal

Our Commitment To You

We focus on one thing above all else – providing the absolute highest standard of professional service to our clients, unmatched by any other real estate team. Whether you are buying or selling, we remain fully committed to you, from start to closing, and even after. We maintain constant and open communication with all our clients, so when you have a question, or an emergency comes up, we are always available.

Trust is important between you and your realtor. That is why we guarantee the knowledge and expertise a realtor needs to ensure a successful transaction:

Market Expertise – From understanding local school systems and job markets to individual home values and sales history, we are on top of all the essential details needed to accurately value a home and predict market changes.

Negotiation Skills – When you are buying a home, it is important to understand how every feature and characteristic of a home can affect its value and what the potential long-term risks and opportunities are. If you are selling, we know how to make your home look the most appealing and how to pitch its best features to prospective buyers in order to get the highest price possible.

Law and Contract Knowledge – The list of laws, rules, and regulations that must be followed throughout the process of buying or selling a home is almost endless. But our clients never have to worry about that. Our knowledge of these laws ensure proper transactions and quick closings.

Professional Network – The best realtor can provide not only the skills needed to buy and sell a home, but also their network. So if you need a home inspector, a plumber, an attorney, or a contractor of any kind, we have an established relationship with high quality service providers that already have a proven history.

Most importantly, we bring all of the skills and knowledge you need to have a successful transaction.

Lets work together.
List with The Anna Gimpel Team today.

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